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In the age of social media, we all are constantly chasing interiors that are perfectly ‘instagrammable’. A flawless white kitchen countertop, an open kitchen where we can cook while talking to everyone on the other side, these are all stuff of kitchen dreams, that we constantly work on translating to reality. However, as much as we love trends, we hate to admit, some of them just do not work. Beautiful as they may look, some kitchen designs are extremely impractical, and actually disrupt smooth functions, instead of enabling them. So, here are some ‘trends’ that you should rather skip, the next time you plan to get a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Trends To Avoid
1. All Whites
All white kitchen interiors look pristine and elegant. But they also are extremely high maintenance, and, some would even say boring. Instead, go for textures, patterns and play around with colours in your cabinets.
2. Open Kitchen
Open kitchens will soon be a thing of the past owing to some very practical problems. Firstly, the smell is going to spread through your entire home, which is great as long as you don’t have anything burning or rotting in the kitchen. More importantly, in case of a dysfunctional or faulty chimney, there’ll be more oily things in your home than just pots and pans.
3. Stainless Steel
Stainless steel appliances like ovens and others are really impractical, classic as they may be. The maintenance takes a lot and no one wants to keep wiping them clean so they look spotless and don’t bear dirty finger prints all over.
4. Marble
Another kitchen classic that might really have had its day is a marble countertop. Yes, it looks stunning. But again, terribly high maintenance, and even then, it might get scratches, cracks and stains really easily. Not to mention, it costs a fortune and replacing it will burn a really big hole in your pocket.

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