An ideal work space should have a positive effect on the productivity and efficiency of the workers. Over time, work space designs have undergone a sea change, as work cultures have changed with the advent of ‘home offices’ or as many companies have adopted a more ‘fun’ approach to work. Every brand has a unique identity and personality,which their workplace should reflect, through a combination of elements like colors, textures, etc. The right kind of office design and furniture can bring out the spirit of a work place. That it should be ergonomic goes without saying. Further, it should also have strategic furniture placements and appropriate spacing.
Our designers understand our clients’ systems and operations to settle on what design should be the best fit for them. The material sourcing and design mappings are made accordingly, with the goal to achieve maximum space utilization, enabling adequate privacy and minimizing all-round wastage.

Additionally, our team tries to complete the entire process, from conceptualization to installation such that our clients’ workflow remains as disrupted as possible, with zero delays and chaos.




Modular Kitchen


Ergonomic As Well As Economic

Office spaces can have a combination of storage and design solutions, depending on what works for our clients, given their material preferences and budget constraints. As such, we make it a truly collaborative process, to be able to capture the essence of the workspace, inspire efficiency while making it economical and sustainable, so resource utilization is optimum. Our team at Dk’s Modular Kitchens & Accessories relentlessly strive to create work spaces that make navigation easy and cut lag time, so work flow is unhindered and productivity can be maximized.