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Terms and Conditions

Glad you stopped by, Dk’s Modular Kitchens & Accessories welcomes you!

Please take a moment to thoroughly go through our Terms and Conditions, as it outlines what constitutes an Agreement regarding your use of our products and services. In case you initiate purchase of our services or products, we will assume that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms outlined here and are in full agreement with them all. All information displayed on our website constitutes an ‘invitation to offer’ and your placed order is considered an ‘offer’, which DKs reserves the rights to accept or reject and notify you accordingly via mail on the address provided by you. Please note, the terms may berevised from time to time and it is upon you to keep yourself updated with the same. Any purchases made after changes to the same will be taken as your agreement to the new terms.

Governing Law and Unlawful Use

This site and its products/ services are open for use by persons legally eligible to enter a binding contract under the terms laid out in the Indian Contract Act, 1872. For minors below 18 but older than 13 years of age, you can access the site and its products/services under the guidance and supervision of adults, who should be eligible and willing to transact on your behalf. All items deemed inappropriate for use/ consumption/ purchase by minors will be off limits for underage customers. We reserve the right to suspend or delete your account at any given time without prior notice or warning, should we suspect wrongful use or misuse of the site. In case of a contract with a business entity, the user is taken to have the authority to represent the interests of the entity and enter intot a contract on its behalf.

Account Registration and Information

All information you share with Dk’s Modular kitchens & Accessories in the process of registering your account with us or after is classified under ‘Account Information’ and remains stored in our records and archives. It is protected and confidential, as per our privacy norms. You are advised to provide information true to the best of your knowledge and update the same as and when required. However, in case of shared account or password information, it is as much your liability to have your privacy preserved. You could change your password, contact us on the given points or notify us about the same, to prevent any breach in privacy. If we have reason to believe there has been a security breach or misuse of the website, your account might be immediately suspended or deleted permanently and your entry restricted.


We reserve the rights to modify, discontinue or cancel any product/ service/ content displayed on the website without any prior notice. Any such change will be informed to our users so as to enable well-informed decision making as users and consumers.

Suspension Of Account

Dk’s Modular kitchens & Accessoriesreserve the right to refuse service, restrict access, suspend or terminate your account at any time. We may also move, refuse or remove any content or Image you have submitted on/ of or through our Services. In case of deletion or deactivation of your accounts, all your information, files and content will be deleted as well. It is our solely our discretion to delete orders made by you or, should we find your account/ contents/ related to be in violation of our Terms, to terminate your accounts without any prior notice whatsoever. Upon termination of account, your right to access our website/ products/ services shall immediately cease. You can choose to voluntarily delete your account at any given time but your details might remain archived with us. For any queries, you can contact us on the given contact points.


Typical Process Flow

Dks is continually striving to give our customers the best designs at the most economical rates.

  • Site visit and quotation is charged as INR 300.
  • The customers, post this, need to visit us to choose their preferred materials and make budget decisions.
  • All our kitchen module cost is based on the material selected by our customers and the design area.
  • We take all related measurements of the area that needs work and begin the process.
  • Work on the modular kitchen is started post completion of flooring or the platform.

Charges and Payment

Our terms of payment are laid out clearly here and they are non-negotiable. We reserve the rights to change or modify these terms as and when we see fit, without prior notice, in which case new Terms will be laid out here. Our customers are expected to abide by these and any failure to meet these terms will be considered a breach of agreement.

  • The time period for payment is calculated from the date of booking.
  • Booking Stage: 20% of the total payment has to be made as an advance, after booking.
  • Design Stage: The next instalment of payment, which is 50% of the total amount, has to be paid during the designing stage, to our team.
  • Completion: The remaining 30% can be paid after completion of the project.

No amount can be refunded once work is in the design stage, where a total of 70% of payment has been made. Advance purchase can be made by our customers to the extent of amount that has already been paid. However, in case no such purchase has been made within 12 months of order booking, the amount will be forfeited. In case of partial purchase, the balance will be forfeited.

A project, once in the design stage, cannot be cancelled. In such a situation, the customer shall not be eligible to receiving any refund. Further, the customer shall need to pay up the remaining of the total order value of the project.